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Why The Healing Zone

Founded in 2007 by accredited holistic healer & counseller Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri, TheHealing Zone was born.

The Healing Zone is your one-stop centre for Holistic Healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Perfect Health is perfect balance & equilibrium within the body; possible with a lasting sense of wellbeing and fulfillment - physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Healing Zone seeks to restore you to Perfect Health: be it through self-realization to aligning your energy centers and meridiens, or by sending healing energy to all the cells and organs of your body - check-in to The Healing Zone.

This path toward self-healing and self-discovery is spread by Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri through a simple technique developed by her which is called as Harmonic Life Therapy(HLT). The purpose of all activities at THZ-TheHealing Zone is to share and touch the lives of all the people who approach and are connected with the Creators unconditional love - the true essence of life.The minor or major issues panning all areas of life and existence can be healed easily and effortlessly. At THZ, we endeavour to empower all our clients to be able to live and enjoy their life optimally. The Harmonic Life Therapy founded by Dr Monica Nagpal has proved to be an answer to many people with a variety of issues and situations in their lives.

Here are some examples:

"My husband was planning to file a divorce, I met Dr Monica and... now we have love back in our lives." 
"I was desperate and depressed when doctors told me that I cant conceive as there are cysts inside the Uterus...magical words by Dr Monica Nagpal...I am a proud mother of two healthy babies now."
"Kidney stones vanished within no time never to appear..thank you Dr Monica Nagpal. Her approach towards life is fabulous."
"Meeting Dr Monica Nagpal is the best thing that happened to me, after meeting her my Career has taken an upswing. Now my relationships at home and work are so harmonious."
"Our home is a paradise now after Dr Monica did Space Healing for our home." 
"My kids score good grades now. Thanks and many blessings to this beautiful person and amazingly kind soul Dr Monica Nagpal."
"Cancer has gone out of my life...Dr Monica is an amazing healer."
"I just left a message on whatsapp and I started feeling fine already. Such is her energy.Awesome. I believe in healing because of her."
"Speak to her, all problems disappear. She is such a touchstone of Joy. Her words are so soothing and impressive.Such a simple and grounded girl yet so creative and talented. I wish she was my daughter."
Such are the expressions of people after they meet Dr Monica Nagpal. There are so many things simplified by her. Come join us on the beautiful journey of making life Truly beautiful and easy with JOY.
Love & Blessings