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Lots and lots of love and Gratitude to Monica ji. 

My sister, Neha introduced me to her last year Jan(2013). 

I had a disease called NCC in April,2013 and i used to get fits and sometimes multiple fits. There was swallon in left side of the brain due to more of stress,depression and no clarity of thoughts. I was in bangalore when i'hv got this problem second time then my brother took me from there. I took regular healing sessions from Monica ji as per her guidance.

I had lot of amazing experience while taking sessions and the most important thing is her readings are perfect. She is a perfect holistic healer,angel healer,crystal healer and my teacher and a good mentor

During the sessions and after sessions i feel very much relief and it healed many other issues too as i was on high dose of medicines; that i can feel from sessions.

She taught me how to live my life without taking stress and how to have clarity of thoughts and how to live and create a joyful and happy life.

And many times she has healed and sent me unconditional love when i feel down and feel unease after that i'hv felt good and healthy.

Now as per my MRI report its swelling free:)

Thanks a lot to you and a deep gratitude to Monica ji from the core of my heart

May God Bless you always to spread unconditional love,joy,happiness to the world around you. (Ayush G)

Monica ji helped me over come my wheat allergy. In January 2014 I got my allergy test done and it came out positive for wheat. I abstained for wheat for the next three months. But suddenly in May 2014 I started having uncontrollable diarrhea. I took sessions with Monica ji over skype as I was in New York. Then the doctors recommend I get my tests done again to check for gluten intolerance or Celiac disease and to my surprise it all came out negative. The doctors have now given me the green light to eat wheat and now I am allergy free. It is such a relief and I owe it all to Monica ji.

Lots of gratitude!

( S Narang )

I have felt a change in overall energy of my home. Its more calming, Positive, Motivating and Joyous than before.

( Manika Temani)  


We have started to collect testimonials for some of the most recent healings that have been performed either at a distance or in person. As you can read, people experience the healing differently. A physical sensation may appear such as tingling or heat or a cool breeze. Other people may see visions or may feel vibrations or may have some thoughts...Allow the healing energy of Creator to work for you and be ready to have "Miracles" become a part of your day to day life. All the Best!!! Wishing lots of healing and miracles for each n all from Creator's perspective now and forever.

Always with an open heart; " Give GRATITUDE to those who were good to you & FORGIVENESS to those who were not."