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My Kidney stones vanished in two sessions. Never came back in last three years. Truly magical. Thanks to God and Monica


I was suffering from Hypertension for 13 years and was a very angry person. After meeting Monica, all I know is joy and my medicines rests in the dustbin. It all happened in 2 sessions with 3 follow up sessions.

Love you Monica.

Rita Das

My "Plasma Insulin" healed (as Monica says..."not cured, say healed") in just 3 sessions. Every session made me healthier and slimmer. I am fit now with no issues related to Sugar level and I am better adjusted with my family. Thanks to Monica I regained my confidence.

Thank you and loads of love, Pari Lodhia

I was depressed and sad due to acne and PCOD. I am completely healed after 6 sessions with miracle maker Monica. She changed my whole outlook. Now with a healthier body and mind, I face everyday with renewed confidence and vigour. Now I am a mother of two lovely children with absolutely healthy ovaries. Unbelievable but true.

Love you Monica and ever grateful.

Vandana Tulli

I have turned a complete believer after my 4 year old Breast Cancer healed in just one session with Dr Monica Nagpal. I felt sick for 4 days after the session but completely hale and hearty after that. No lumps, no cysts. My gynae confirmed that my breast is healthy. I am so happy and thankfully to God that I took healing instead of going under the knife. It's a great feeling to be disease free. I have taken two follow up sessions and today my complete perspective towards life is changed. God bless Dr Monica, she talks and one gets healed. She is a blessed soul and I am truly blessed I met her. She is such a joy to be with.

Inspirational and yet so simple oozing with so much unconditional love.

(Annie, 58 years)