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I call her a magician. She says God does it. I feel , Monica has a way with the power of healing or God's power. My back pain of 5 years healed in one telephonic session. Truly miraculous. Thank you Monica. 

Much regard, 

Rekha Bansal (Patna, India)

My mouth ulcers just vanished in 5 minutes after meeting Monica, a truly blessed and focussed healer. I believe in God or Source after meeting her. Love is her driving force and I feel it even today after 2 years have passed. I am happy and healthy completely since I met Monica. Amazing experience.

Thanks and all the best, Ritu Puri (Kolkata, India)

My relation with my father and boss are excellent after following suggestions by Monica ji. I am earning well and living a very happy life.

Thank you, Many regards, Sanjay Gupta (Mauritius)

My issue of Tinnitus has improved considerably in just 3 sessions with Monica, wonderful healer. Beautiful soul and a source of joy. God bless you, KedarNath Goyal (Ludhiana, India) 

pletely since I met Monica. Amazing experience. 

Thanks and all the best.
Ritu Puri (Kolkata, India)


I am a homemaker and was heart broken to find out that I had Type-2 Diabetes and a very high Sugar level (470 crossing every morning in my reading of fasting), my friend referred me to this magical Monica. Now I am off Insulin in just 28 days, I am soon going to be off medication also. God bless Monica, she made it so easy and possible. She says God heals and I feel God heals through her. My overall idea about life changed after meeting her. Thank you Monica, as I always say...you're the best. 

Gratitude and honor

Shanti Parekh