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I took couple of sessions with Monica and during those sessions few beliefs of mine changed. I am able to say `No' now!  It amazes me how quickly she gets to the root of the issue (belief) and how simply she changes it.  I had a back problem and in winter's had a difficulty in even brushing and she healed it.

I wish her loads of success

Chitra Kaul

Monica's constant support and guidance in my life has been that of an Angel's -- a blessing in its truest form.

Monica embodies the Creator's unconditional love, respect, honor, and gratitude for all beings; epitomizing healing ideals in its purest form. Her attitude translates into her miraculous healings, known as the "Miracle Lady" among Healers worldwide.

Monica's psychic abilities are that of world-class level. Her ability to do a quick body scan provides one with a point-by-point analysis on one's physical and emotional wellbeing, within minutes.
Monica leaves her students, clients with a lasting sense of comfort, pleasure and fondness. 

Karishma Dayaram

Monica, a loving, genuinely loving and profound healer who has helped me understand and improve my relationships. 

Monica zeroes into the bottom beliefs and penetrates into the depths of one's being (sub-conscious) with Creator's grace to initiate healing. Love you Monica!

Maya Dayaram

My  journey has been incredible since I started practicing spirituality, from july , 2010 ; when I did the 8-day workshop. Soon after I started taking healing sessions from Monica Nagpal .She witnessed the healing of my hypo-thyroid condition , something I had lived with 19 years and with all its symptoms . During the course of the sessions I started the Master cleanse , during which one is advised to go off all medication , so I stopped taking the thyroid medication and have not needed to take it again ever . The experience was very graphic and visual , very ethereal indeed .I am so grateful to Monica for being my healer and helping me every step of the way . Monica is a very compassionate and kind person , with a clear focus on her connection with the Creator .

In October 2010 , I went  on vacation with my husband and unknowingly had got Chikunguniya . I was taking healings from Monica , on the phone throughout my trip , without knowing the type of  fever I had . I had aches & pains , rashes all over the body , unquenchable thirst , listlessness , high fever , etc . its only once I got back , God made me meet 5-6 people , over a week , all with the same symptoms and I got to know that I had Chikun guniya . Some of those people lived with those symptoms for over a year , But I was completely healed thanks to the Creator and Monica . I am grateful to you Monica and honor you for all the healings you have done for me .

Pooja Kapur

My name is Reena and I am happy to share that my Asthma of 18 years healed in just 3 weeks. I took 5-6 sessions from my wonderful healer Monica. Now I am relieved and can breathe easily. My lungs are absolutely healthy and full of power. Monica has brushed into me a excellent heath and happy married life. Yes, I got a harmony in my relationships with my family as a by-product of healing sessions with Monica. Thank you Monica. May God bless you even more so that you can keep working for humankind with so much love that you have. Meeting you was the best gift I gave myself. I am very grateful.

Lots of love and blessings.