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Learning with Monica has been a life changing experience for me. I am student and I want to share with everyone that it really helps you to deal with all possible issues. I have known Monica for quite some time both at and off work and I can really say that she is an excellent healer and a beautiful person...this was one of the best things that happened to me."

Manika Temani

I am Sunita Temani from Jaipur and I know Monica Nagpal since 7 years. I have taken healing many times for various issues and I always benefitted instantly. I have learnt a lot from her and I actually found myself through her. My daughter learnt about healings from her and she is helped greatly. She has become very positive towards life and people around her. The best thing that we both learnt is that how to be happy always, how to live life to the fullest and stay positive towards Self. Now we know and understand it's ok and it's good to love oneself. I am soon planning to do this course with Monica. I really thank her for all the help and support. I wish her All the Best.

Sunita Temani

It has been really an amazing experience the healers who actually helped me in solving my issues are wonderful. Unlike, other people I came to know about it, I took a single session  & I was totally surprised with it. It fascinated me like anything. I joined the course, Monica mam really really helped me in doing the course as well as helped me solving my issues.

Life really changed a lot. I got to learn to handle both small & big issues with ease.

Monica mam has been a very wonderful, lovely, very helping person who is full of happiness & even makes other happy by just being in her energy.

At times, even without asking for a help, she has helped me a lot. She has been a constant source of joy, happiness & above all trust. She has been an amazing healer who has healed so many people. She has already helped many people to get their glasses removed and a variety of issues like back pains, thyroid disorders, digestion issues etc. God bless her.

Hiteshi Mittal

I'm highly thankful to God for guiding me to Monica.

She is highly intuitive and powerful healer and she brings joy, grace and generosity to her healings and teachings. It is worth experiencing a healing session with her.

Learning from her has not just brought knowledge to me, but a new aspect to me and my life.

Nawal Al-Suwaidi

From the day I have been introduced to Monica my life has completely transformed and changed to the better. I am now healed from all the belief systems which used to create havoc in my life, health, relations and at the end my life in general. Thanks to Monica, who is a fabulous healer, teacher and mentor. I now see life with such positivity and believe in the power of the Creator of All That Is.

After a series of healing sessions with Monica, I decided to  attend healing workshops as recommended by Monica, to be able to implement this fantastic technique in my everyday life to help myself and my owns. I have learnt about the power of Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love and from that time life is no more the same.. With Love and Gratitude to my Teachers and Mentors!