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Over the years we have had the opportunity and honor to work with wonderful people who have put their faith in  Creator and have healed wonderfully with the Creator's perspective. We have collected their thoughts on their personal experiences with Healing,

My wonderful clients and dearest friends,

My heartfelt gratitude for your beautiful and honest testimonials! Your support was, is and  always will be much appreciated. I promise you that your wonderful testimonials will be put up on our website in their original words. Your words will allow your experiences to reach-out to many hearts and souls, thus helping them to understand the limitless possibilities of the Creator.

With love, gratitude and honor,

Monica Nagpal

I took two sessions from Monica.  She made me feel very comfortable.  She just held my hand and we kept talking and I did not even come to know when the session started and when it ended!  When I came back home it struck me that my back pain (I have prolapsed disc in the lumbar area) was considerably reduced and there was a change in the gait.  After the second session my breathing improved a lot.  The capacity of my lungs has increased as I can breathe in more deeply.  May God Bless her!

Pushpa Kaul, 79 years

In September 2010, I was attending a class in India. I was pairing up with Monica Nagpal and when we reached the chapter about the eyes, she told me "let's remove your glasses". I have been wearing eye glasses for several years due to astigmatism in both eyes.

She started clearing my negative beliefs and by the end of the session, I felt a very strong rush all over my body which was a confirmation of an instant healing.  

And since then, I have never worn my eye glasses/contacts/or have done any eye correction surgery but I see perfectly. 

Am forever grateful to Creator of All that is and to my & Monica's faith :)

Every day is a miracle.

Maya Badran

When I found out I had to get my third wisdom tooth surgically removed. I had had it!  So I went to Monica ji, who was introduced to me by my mom.  I haven't had a chance to learn holistic healings as I study abroad but while I was in India I was able to get a few healing sessions with Monica ji.  When I told her about my wisdom tooth she told me let's move  it into place so that I wouldn't need surgery! As she started giving me healing I could feel a tingling sensation in my wisdom tooth and I am always able to feel the energy whenever I get healing from Monica ji.  She is quite a magician, she not only treats the problem at hand but goes deeper to solve the root cause of discomfort. She is very easy to get in touch with even from a long distance and I am able to talk to her as if she is my friend. One day I hope to learn  from her.



My Name is Monica and so is my healer name..Monica is a great healer and I came to her 3 years back and then she introduced me to Healings...the sessions I had with her have been always been very helpful in getting a direction in my life when I was completely lost and hopeless..She even encouraged me to start my own business and with her advice and encouragemnt , I started business which is now doing very good...my son showed immense improvement ..and sometimes you can see result in a instant. Once my son had high fever and during the session itself..his fever came down to normal...

My son when he was one one year old was diagonsed with microencephaly..his head size was very small as compared to size of other kids of his age..after regular healing sessions his head size growth started showing very good improvement..and also his eating improved and he was walking more steady..he also had epilepsy and his seizure frequency reduced after only very few sessions and  his health improved and he is much more happy boy now.

I would highly recommend her and I shall always be grateful to her for her unconditional love and support. She is my friend for life.

Monica Jain

With much gratitude and love I've attempted to put the unexplainable into some language. : )

Monica's biggest gift to me has been her persistence on 'happy, joyful, love-filled and positively energetic thoughts'. What she has taught me is priceless and eternal and more than that she has empowered me with the belief that I can create the life I want to for myself. To empower a person in this manner is akin to giving them new rays of sunshine forever - my thinking, emotions and life have taken a beautiful, optimistic turn and I've experienced heights of joy.

I must say publicly she has brilliant healing talents; she has worked with me to heal my thyroid, ovaries as well as many related organs and vital parameters. And most importantly she has very accurately identified deep rooted causatives and healed them too.  Many a times she has healed and sent me love in times of unease and I've felt absolutely healthy and fine after that. 

Thank you Monica, I feel deep gratitude for you. You are a luminous and beautiful person - you'll always be blessed! May you bring more and more joy, beauty and love to world around you.