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DNA Activation

What is DNA Activation & how can it benefit you? To read about  What is DNA?  Click here DNA being the being the blue print of our existence contains the basic info of our lif...

Fee: DNA Activation

Chakra Healing

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit that means "Wheel" or "disk".  A human body consist seven main energy centers, like they are spinning vortexes of energy.  Th...

Fee: Chakra Healing, Chakra Cleansing

Aura Healing

Benefits of Aura Reading and Cleansing What is Aura? How it can get affected ? The aura is like a mirror of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It will show what is happening with ...

Fee: Aura Cleansing, Aura Reading

Space Healing

What is Space Healing? Space Healing provides a safe space for mind, body and spirit and heals them from within.. This ancient intuitive technique is a practical and easy way of empowering...

Fee: Residential, Commercial