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DNA Activation

What is DNA Activation & how can it benefit you?

To read about  What is DNA?  Click here

DNA being the being the blue print of our existence contains the basic info of our life the way it is on all the levels. What all is happening in our life, around us and everything that we interact with is absolutely according to the information that we have in our DNA.

Activating the DNA to our full potential raises our vibration and removes the limitations owing to the so called Karmic patterns or destiny.


Let's understand it like this...


Thus, from the above illustration if we can change the data in the DNA which comprises of the old information or the already existing one and the new information that goes on being added with every thought and action the karmic patterns are remodeled. In turn the Life situations are altered. Thus, the process of healing gets completed as and when both the sources of information to DNA are managed and activated.

THZ offers a series of Activation of the DNA : physical & spiritual (Click here to read more about DNA) in order to alleviate all the limitations and elevate all the possibilities. Start thinking big about what all would you like to enhance in your paradigm and keep opening your mind to the changes that you are ready to incorporate in order to achieve all those shifts in the Now

We at THZ offer a graded program to meet the requirements of a complete DNA Activation for a renewed remodelled life plan. Activation is done through the ultimate Creative source and is complete on all levels of existence and all facets of being: individual, social, financial, spiritual thus improving everything; health wealth and harmony with self and divine.


So now let's see how DNA Activation is graded in our program.


Golden: This level of DNA Activation shall

  • activate DNA to be receptive to changes
  • energize the Intestinal Metabolism(Read article: "Three Metabolic Routes")  
  • vitalize blood cells & lymph : initiating the cleansing process
  • remove blocks from the body & mind towards healing
  • vitalize the interstitial space clearing trapped energiesremoving toxins and moving it to the drainage system of the body
  • activate the Chakras & guide how to keep them active and unblocked
  • activate and balance brain hemispheres
  • initiate balance of chemicals and hormones
  • suggest the vulnerable facets that require medical attention

Platinum : This level of DNA Activation shall

  • activate all the energy meridians
  • activate the Endocrine glands
  • unblock the blocked Nerves
  • energize the Nerves Metabolism (Read article : "Three Metabolic Routes")
  • activation of Subtle Chakras
  • harmonize the soul molecules
  • initiate the process of evolution to the Knowingness of Truth
  • release the fears and old drama trapped in the cells
  • energize the kidneys and liver
  • Replenish the worn out organs

Ultimate : This level of DNA Activation shall

  • energize the DNA in entirety as per your readiness
  • re-pattern beliefs as per requirement
  • instill new information in the blue print to reach desired goals
  • integrate all the processes of the body systems
  • integrate the biological and spiritual DNA
  • reach the required state of Knowingness
  • support you with your queries of further spiritual enhancement
  • guide you how to live the material life without creating karmic traps