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Aura Cleansing

Benefits of Aura Reading and Cleansing

What is Aura? How it can get affected ?

The aura is like a mirror of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It will show what is happening with the person through the way the aura is projected.

The energy field around us, which is called the aura, can be affected by others and the environments that we are in. Any imbalances that are within the body, the emotions that we have, our mind and thoughts will show up in the auric field.

If you ever have been in room with people that are very anger or sad, you probably felt that energy. You may have experienced those emotions after leaving or just an uneasy feeling. This is because the lower vibrations had an effect on your energy field. But it does not last long and can be easily cleared if you want it to. The negative energy that we can pick up can come from our work place, shopping or just being out in different environments other than a cleansed space. The energy that we pick up may feel heavy or just an uneasy feeling. The auric field can get a heavy or dark energy.

The aura / energy field contains about seven layers that contain different aspects of our being. It is not separate from our energy system but radiates from within the energy body. Each of the chakras radiate from it to the front and back which create the layers that surround us. The layers of the auric field have a different vibration that can be seen by some as colors.

There are several energy lines between chakras/sephiroth: these lines globally result into broadly seven layers of aura:

Layer 1 : physical body

Layer 2 : etheric body; brings together all bottom chakras; acupuncture meridians are the energetic lines of this body

Layer 3 : inner astral body : around the heart: link between soul and matter; silver cord

Layer 4 : psychic body ego, has to be dominated

Layer 5 : spiritual body; brings together all top chakras: each thought draws a line of energy in this body

Layer 6 : divine body : spiritual potential is linked with the quality and quantity of energy of this body

Layer 7 : outer astral body, in contact with exterior macrocosm

There are many ways the auric layers are named and explained. Here's another way it can be viewed and imagined for clearer understanding. Not to confuse with different explanations though.

In short just perceive there is a connection of the Physical world with the Spiritual world with an interlink established by the Astral. The interplay of all these energy levels keeps us in a variety of moods and vibrations. To understand how the Aura Cleansing benefit you in your different facets of life, view the video above.

When do you need Aura Cleansing?

The following is feelings or behavior effects that you may experience when you need your aura cleansed

  1. Act out of character or there are big changes in behavior
  2. When you experience memory lapses
  3. Have an unexplainable sense of fatigue or you feel drained of vital energy
  4. Sleepless or nights full of bad dreams
  5. A series of bad luck or bizarre accidents
  6. Negative or compulsive thoughts
  7. Sudden aches, pains or minor illnesses
  8. Dramatic loss of self-confidence
  9. Sudden emotional swings resulting in hormonal imbalance sometimes
  10. When you have been in a busy, stressful or difficult environment
  11. After any situation where you felt bad vibes from people or situations/places
  12. Healers : before and after giving healing
  13. At the beginning of energy work to have the maximum benefit
  14. As part of a daily routine morning to prepare for the day or at night before sleep to cleanse any possible heavy energy from the day
  15. At anytime where you feel you have picked up or taken on any kind of dark or heavy energy

Important : At times we generate our own negative energy that will also show in the aura. Also, any healing that we do on our self will show up into the aura until it releases or cleansed out. Aura clearing will help with clearing all of this out.

But remember that the chakras need to be healed also to keep the aura cleared. (See the connection of Chakras and Aura in the picture above)

When we become balanced, centered and spiritually strong cleansing not always need to be done. Because our auric fields are clear and full of integrity. You are more shielded and less likely that negative or unwanted energies can permeate it. Though from time to time a cleansing needs to be done. Cleansing can be done with a pure intent. The cleansing will continue to strengthen the energy field.