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Dr Monica Nagpal Agnihotri, Life Designer

Dr Monica Nagpal Agnihotri  is an intuitive, a clairvoyant and a wonderful psychic. Monica is a gifted healer and due to her varied experience of working with thousands of clients worldwide, she has emerged and evolved into a awesome counsellor and inspiration for many as she has mastered how to stay unaffected by the blocks life presented. She is a winner and champion in many ways. People who meet her get touched by her constantly encouraging and joyous presence.

The clients and students who have followed the psychic guidance given by her have found their niche in life. They all have grown more confident, healthy and lot more successful in their lives panning all areas of life.

Dr Monica Nagpal often called as the Miracle Lady is a healer of international repute. Monica is a gifted healer. Her tryst with life led her to explore spiritual and metaphysical concepts to redesign her life. She practices balance and harmony and loves to share it with everyone.

Her quest to know the Truth led her to acquire certifications in myriad alternative modalities since 2002 which include Usui Reiki, Violet Flame Healing, Magnified Healing, Lama Fera, Melchizedek and Karuna Reiki, Ascension Reiki, Crystal Healing, Angel Therapy & Tarot Reading systems of healing. She completed her all levels in Kundalini Yoga and Kriya yoga. Apart from all these credits, she is also an M.Phil in English and also holds a B.Ed degree. She has always been a dedicated and innovative teacher. She was felicitated with an award "Spardha Shree" conferred in the field of education for her innate skills of motivational and innovative skills in teaching.

From 2002 onwards, she experienced one miracle after the other in her life. She had started practicing as a healer and God has been there with her guiding light. Monica is a holistic healer par excellence owing to her constant learning and research. She is always living in the joy of the Creator as she knows how to look beyond the blocks of suffering and pain.

God is always guiding her to tread in the direction best for her. She combines the best of all the learnings and shares with great ease with all her clients, friends and students whether she is counselling or teaching. Monica is special and an inspiration to many. She has the quality of learning and upgrading herself constantly. This keeps her focussed and progressive.

Now she has put together her experience and research in the healing technique "Harmonic Life Therapy"  which is a sum total of the requirements for a life full of ease, grace and joy.