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Obesity/Cancer Kidney stones/Asthma etc 

THZ helps to reduce extra weight from your body t bring more Creator's joy, love and light in to your life. You might be tired of intense regular diets, programs, advises but find yourself back to same level. We offer our help and experience to break the pattern of obesity by techniques of releasing extra physical, emotional & spiritual baggage. Many clients are healed from Cancer, Kidney Stones and Asthma etc in few sessions with THZ. 

our Client Says 

"I am happy to share that my Asthma of 18 years healed in just 3 weeks. I took 5-6 sessions from my wonderful healer Monica. Now I am relieved and can breathe easily. My lungs are absolutely healthy and full of power. Monica has brushed into me a excellent heath and happy married life " I have turned a complete believer after my 4 year old Breast Cancer healed in just one session with Dr. Monica Nagpal. I felt sick for 4 days after the session but completely hale and hearty after that. No lumps, no cysts".