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THZ has healed many clients of hypertension/ diabties/ thyroid in few sessions based on their readiness. 

See what our client says "I am a homemaker and was heartbroken to find out that I I had Type-2 Diabetes and a very high Sugar level (470 crossing every morning in my reading of fasting), my friend referred me to this magical Monica. Now i am off insulin in just 28 days, I am soon going to be off medication also. Thank you Monica". 

"I start taking session from Dr. Monica Nagpal for my thyroid issue, she witnessed the healing of my hypo-thyroid condition, something I had lived with 19 years and with all its symptoms. During the course of the sessions I started the Master cleanse, during which one is advised to go off all medication, so I stopped taking the thyroid medication and have not needed to take it again ever. The experience was very graphic and visual, very ethereal indeed. I am so grateful to Monica for being my healer and helping me every step of the way " 

" I was suffering from Hypertension for 13 years and was a very angry person. After  meeting Monica, all I know is joy and my medicines rests in the dustbin. It all happened in 2 sessions with 3 follow up sessions"