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Harmonic Life Therapy

Dr Monica Nagpal founded a simple and unique technique called Harmonic Life Therapy (HLT) in order to summarize and create an easy to understand way of staying healed and empowered all the time. She is an intuitive, a clairvoyant and a wonderful psychic. Monica is a gifted healer and due to her varied experience of working with thousands of clients worldwide, she has emerged and evolved into a awesome counsellor and inspiration for many as she has mastered how to stay unaffected by the blocks life presented. Here's how and why she founded the simple technique called Harmonic Life Therapy.  She is a winner and champion in many ways. People who meet her get touched by her constantly encouraging and joyous presence. Monica is an efficacious healer who has achieved Instant Healings. 

The Origin of Harmonic Life Therapy (HLT)

From 2002 onwards, she experienced one miracle after the other in her life. She had started practicing as a healer and God has been there to always show her path to her. Since then and also prior to that, she has an immense experience of working with thousands of clients worldwide panning different cultures and countries. She believes she healed and evolved with every healing she witnessed. In this journey, there have been clients who just healed instantly, others who took a little while. There was another category who healed and brought back their issues after sometime. It was easy to say, "Oh it's your responsibilty, you had to do "such and such" thing and you didn't so you got to bear with it"...or "it's your own doing so live with it"... etc. which is actually true but is this the end of it.

Then on started a chain reaction of thoughts within and also a new understanding that if all those who brought back their issues i.e. who recreated it were empowered and had a clearer understanding, they shall atleast know in completeness that how they are creating it and also have a working system which could be a guideline for them to ward it off on their own in case they want to. So this way, they would be happier and not in pain. She traversed through many ways/modalities of healing. After going through all these and her rich experience, she realized that majority of people are not able to follow the nuances of living a happy and harmonious life. This she felt is due to the vastness and complexity of the concepts that explained how to stay healed and remove the imbalances. Guided by the divine, she started focusing on creating a easy to follow wellness system which is fun as well as practical. Now she has developed a graded system in order to accommodate all the levels of understanding.

As of now, three broadlevels: 

 Level-1 :MPowerment

 Level-2 : Mpowering

 Level-3 : MPowered

 and these three comprise of respective courses as per the following detail.

The Levels/Courses in Harmonic Life Therapy

Here is the scheme of Harmonic Life Therapy (HLT) developed and founded by Dr Monica NagpalAgnihotri. 

Three Levels : Mpowerment , MpoweringMpowered


Mpowerment Mpowering Mpowered
THZ Chakra Healing, Level-1 & 2 THZ DNA Activation (Platinum) Two Case studies (One of Self & One of a friend/relative/client/colleague)
THZ DNA Activation (Golden) Karmic Resonance, Level-2 Divine Healing Cards Instructors
THZ Aura Reading Spiritual Anatomy Spiritual Anatomy Instructors
Divine Healing Cards Angels & Crystal Therapy Mercaba Activation
Karmic Resonance, Level-1 THZ Chakra Healing Instructors (Level-1 & 2) THZ DNA Activation (Ultimate)

Once you have done the Instructors' course, you can start teaching and issue certificates authorised by THZ-The Healing Zone.

For more details: write to us at thzthehealingzone@gmail.com

The material is easy to follow and fun. It has been developed to incorporate different sections of society and caters to general as well as specific needs.This whole therapy includes various ways which are interesting and very powerful but devoid of complexity.

What you get from Harmonic Life Therapy (HLT)


You will learn to All you need is What you get?
A new life filled with
take charge of your life instantly A will to create immense success
know the Solutions instantly A power rekindled fulfilling relationships at home & work
change your Karma in the Now A willing heart self love
create the "Life of your Dreams" A change-ready mind spiritual ascension
live a life of constant Success - customised magic wand of an "all solution therapy"
live a life of constant Joy - great health, wealth & complete abundance in the Now
be a Healer par excellence -  


If you are Unique, Responsible & Extraordinarily Talented.. This technique is for you 

If you are Not ...This technique is for you