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Joy Workshop


The Healing Zone (THZ) is so delighted in having Joy workshop for children to explore more within and get the benefits of meditation. Everyone should be able to experience the joy of being loved by God. The Joy of Creativity lies within, one cannot keep to oneself. Learn, share and grow with harmonious and happiest rhythm of life. In today's world, the education system, from admission to exams, has become a stress for children, getting lesser time for their creativity. The phase of childhood, the way he/she communicates, dealing with them is a foundation for rest of the life. We understand that a child has more capability to go within and connect to the true self easily, to lead strong intellectual and successful foundation. THZ is delighted, happy and honored to guide these children by telling the HOW TO THINK instead WHAT TO THINK. 

  • Get rid from anxiety, phobias and fear
  • More cheerful
  • Balanced in social dealing
  • Enhances confidence
  • Sharpen their intellects
  • Nurture scared space in their hearts
  • Enhances grounding and calmness


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