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Dream Interpretation


"A Dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read". THZ conducting Dream Interpretation workshops for decoding your dreams seems like unsolved riddle. Dreams are language of Divine speaks to you. It is an ancient concept when your guardian angels or other Divine energies connects to you and leaves a message for you, related to your finances, future events, relationships issues, issues related to past life, reasons for your phobias. 

We usually interpret dreams based on the heard stories and may be genetic interpretations.  One must know the accurate and correct interpretation of your own dreams, your dreams are important. Most of the people associate Dream Interpretation as drama; certainly it can be, when one is not able to decode it correctly followed by the accurate psychic solution to resolve the issue. In simple words, a dream is like signboard on path to resolving your issues. Imagine, how life would be so easier when you Interpret your dreams so easily, and accurately. 

  • Seeing any particular dream again and again 
  • Seeing yourself in dark rooms
  • Guardian angels/Gods/Masters speaking to you in dreams
  • Decode symbols and images seen in your dreams 
  • Are you seeing your ancestors?
  • Know significance of morning Dreams 
  • Understand Divine message
  • Often hear any voices/language in your dreams
  • Reveal your unconscious desires 
  • Experienced any interaction with your soulmate in dreams 

and much more…


Schedule Period Date Eligibility Duration
January - March [2017] 07 Jan None 1 Day(s) Expired
October - December [2016] 13 Oct None 1 Day(s) Expired
October - December [2016] 14 Dec None 1 Day(s) Expired