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DNA, Deoxyribonucleic acid has two strands moving in opposite directions consists of the biological information. It lies in the nucleons of body cell, a human body is composed of trillion of cells. Hereditary information can be transferred from DNA. Behavior, feelings and attitude of a person depends on the information stored in the human DNA. Researches had shown that only 2% of DNA are coded and rest of the 98% is non-coded, still a big mystery for scientists. 
What are chromosomes? 
Each chromosomes is made up of DNA, DNA molecule is packaged into thread like structure in the nucleus of cells. These chromosomes are not visible even in the microscope but can be observed during the process of cells division.
Disease issues in parents can be transferred to their children because of the information stored in the DNA can be passed on easily. What if one can change these genetic patterns by changing the biological information stored in these DNA's. Yes, it is possible to break these genetic patterns like disease, addictions, anger, and emotional sensitivity by changing the stored information. 
Holistic Healings is the direct and easiest method to solve this mystery of changing the information and patterns in your DNA to create a more suitable and abundant life. Our simple tools like meditations, DNA activations makes you learn and experience the magic of god gifted solutions inside your own body. The power is within you and we help you, guide you to activate it and bring it to the full potential to enjoy this beautiful life. 
Understand that our procedure not only benefit you, but saves your next generations from that unrequired patterns. DNA can be damaged because of many reasons and one of the most common is radiations.