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Leadership Skills

Price - INR 20000.00
Price - Usd 330.00


It is easy to be a leader but what it takes to be an effective leader is a journey. A journey which is full of understanding and enlightening techniques for becoming a true leader, who derives

  • a value in the surroundings
  • elevates levels of vision
  • reflects the right actions
  • intentions inward and outward
  • knows the value of his team

This program leads you to develop an attitude to overcome challenges in acquiring leadership skills Exploring the right skill set that leads you to a personal and professional success, Leadership skills are not required only to lead the crowd but it is a requirement in our day to day life, in our homes, in our office and in many small and big social activities. Let’s be just not a Leader but a good leader.

“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, shows and way and turns a vision into the reality”.

Eligibility - None

Duration - 1 day

Includes - A manual + Tea & Snacks


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