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Knowing 'Self'

Price - INR 20000.00
Price - Usd 330.00


It has been become an important process to stay competitive, to alive, to dance with life, to have fun with your abundance. It is much more than a spiritual experience. In today’s world where every other being is busy in knowing the secrets of their neighbors or competitors to stay ahead in the fast pace of life race, the course Knowing Self is designed by Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri to help you to understand what really makes you to stay ahead in your life constantly. We are not humans having spiritual experiences but we are spiritual beings having human experiences.

The course brings you to the secrets of breaking the chains and leading you to

  • the right directions
  • exploring your highest potentials
  • raises your efficiency
  • increases your abundance and much more

It is much recommended course who wants and intends to claim an abundant, serene, joyful and successful life. 

Eligibility - None

Duration - 1 day

Includes - A manual + Lunch + Tea & Snacks


Schedule Period Date Eligibility Duration
April - June [2017] 11 Apr None 1 Day(s) Expired
October - December [2016] 11 Nov None 1 Day(s) Expired
October - December [2016] 26 Nov None 1 Day(s) Expired