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Instant Money Mantra

Price - INR 20000.00
Price - Usd 330.00


Money issues are seldom about money. It is a major issues now a days because money is a medium of exchange and a mandatory tool to live gracefully. Instant Money Mantra , this program is designed by Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri after experience of 15 years helping hundreds of clients for their financial issues. This program in undoubtly a benchmark for the positive transition and alignment towards abundance, based on your level of belief and readiness. This course includes:

  • Identification of blocks in flow of Money
  • How to have the mindset to become Rich
  • Keys for attracting money
  • Tools for creating more abundance
  • Types of Money and their money blocks 
  • Tips for being wealthy
  • How can you manifest money
  • Laws of Universe and Money 

We believe that there is enough money for everyone in the world so let’s join us and raise your Prosperity Quotient 


Eligibility - None

Duration - 1 day

Includes - A manual + Lunch + Tea & Snacks


Schedule Period Date Eligibility Duration
October - December [2016] 17 Nov - 18 Nov None 2 Day(s) Expired