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Confidence Building

Price - INR 20000.00
Price - Usd 330.00


The word CAN can do a lot of things which the CAN’T can not.

Those who believed in it and developed an attitude of unbeatable confidence have made it big in the fields of their choice.

Confidence building is a program that has been designed and developed by Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri who herself sets an example of unbeatable confidence after having ups and downs in life. Almost everyone have heard that confidence is an essential part, but how many of you are able to maintain high level of confidence out of the comfort zones, during the struggle, during and after financial breakdowns or after constant series of failures.  After this course you will be able to know and resolve:

  • Who is Confidence monster that eats away all your confidence?
  • Step by step technique for Confidence building?
  • Align your confidence to the desired results and required actions?
  • How to achieve constant state of confidence?
  • Relationship of forgiveness and your confidence?

You can Move the Mountains, Can you Believe in it?

What holds you back is only one thought that you “can not”

Eligibility - None

Duration - 1 day

Includes - A manual + Lunch + Tea & Snacks


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