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The Aura, an energy field around human body, reflects and stats mood, nature and issues of the person. It is true, aura cleansing, brings major changes in the person's behavior, mood, improves the energy level and much more. The Healing zone provides services for Aura Reading and Aura Cleansing to bring its benefits and understanding. If a person is feeling low then there is possibility of having a distorted aura around the being. THZ helps you to clear psychic hooks, attacks, plates and any other negative form of energy from your aura and bring positivity into your aura.

The meaning of Aura can be different, some refers it as radiance of human beings, and scientist refers it as energy field and so on. Auras are formed by subtle colors, where each color of the Aura gives information about mental state, emotional state, thoughts, abilities and quality of consciousness. Celebrities usually have larger auras than other people. It is said that Mahatma Buddha's aura was spread to several miles.